What is the difference between POW Hearings’ Live Event Captioning, and CART (Communication Access, Real-Time Transcription) Services?

  POW Hearing Live Event Captioning CART
Pre-event Preparation Including Venue Assessment Visit site, meet AV team, review seating plan, discuss line of sight and dedicated screen placement, prepare captioner hearing assist system hookups, arrange healthy seating for captioners and review video being shown. Get address, arrive 15 minutes prior, arrange power supply.
Set Up Requirements Mixer board output cable for sound, ergonomic seating, full-sized worktable, information regarding speaker names, order, break times and presentation format. Power support and basic seating.
Minimum Hours Booking 3 hours paid, in return for 3 hours worked. 4 hours paid, one of which is billed at full rate = 3 hours worked for 4 hours paid.
Transcription Technique Single-keystrokes, near verbatim transcript, team captioning with trading off every 20 minutes, software used is Microsoft Word, and using assistive listening to capture every word so captioners hear clearly. Specialized phonetic keyboard (English sounds grouped together), specialized software, near verbatim transcript, captioner does not use an assistive listening system, and may have more (inaudible) moments in transcripts.
# of Captioners 2 1
Need to take Breaks? Non-stop production. Yes, must have a break after a specified time.
Spell Checked and Free Transcript? Ongoing, then again in post-production. Complementary transcript 24 to 48 hours post-event. Ongoing but not in post-production. Transcript copy may incur an additional fee.
On-Site Service Coordinator Yes, included for the first hour of event. No.

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