What happens when a product arrives damaged or incorrect?

If an item is received damaged or was incorrectly shipped please contact POW immediately. You are responsible for inspecting your merchandise when it is delivered. If there is excessive damage or the shipment is incorrect, you should refuse the shipment and email us immediately.

Occasionally, delivery drivers do not allow enough time for you to inspect the shipment, or the order is delivered while you are not there. If the driver does not allow you time to inspect your shipment, sign for it, noting “damaged” on the bill of landing.

It is your responsibility to fully inspect your merchandise within 15 days of receipt. If you find you have a problem with damage or an incorrect shipment, you must contact us during this period. We cannot be held responsible for damages or incorrect shipments if you wait beyond this period to inform us.  As long as you contact us during this period, any item that is damaged when it arrives will be promptly replaced by us at no additional cost to you.

For incorrect shipments which do not arrive as ordered, you must contact us within the 15 days of receipt period, in order for us to correct the error.  We will promptly correct your order, with applicable costs or refunds made, as long as you contact us during the 15 days receipt of goods period.

Important Note: Please keep the original cartons in which your order shipped until you are satisfied that your merchandise is correct and undamaged. Most manufacturers will not accept returns of merchandise not in the original packaging, and freight companies often ask to inspect the packaging if a shipment is reported as damaged.

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