What are telecoils? Why do they matter in hearing loop systems?

A telecoil, or T-coil, is a small wire coiled around a rod, located inside of a hearing aid or cochlear implant.  A telecoil works as an antenna, picking up the sound sent through the hearing loop system amplifier, and sending it into a hearing aid or cochlear implant.  Listening via telecoil ensures background noise is eliminated, and that sound is customized to the settings of the person’s’ hearing aid or cochlear implant.

If your hearing aid or cochlear implant has a telecoil, you can activate it via a ‘t-switch’ setting, which is programmed into your device.

Telecoil receivers are the best means listening to an assistive listening system, as the sound is adjusted according to the settings which are set to the particular needs of the listener.  Many other assistive listening systems require a special, extra device to receive sound. With a hearing loop system, the potential is that most listeners will be able to receive sound directly into their existing personal listening device – their hearing aid(s) or cochlear implant(s).

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