Your customers and staff include people who have hearing loss. Providing Hearing Friendly spaces - where everyone can communicate clearly, effectively, and easily - makes good business sense.

People want to do business with organizations that demonstrate a commitment to inclusion. With POW Hearing Solutions assistive listening services and devices, your customers and employees can communicate clearly and effectively, whatever their hearing ability may be.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (the AODA) mandates that business provide hearing accessible customer service and workplaces.

POW makes accessible communication universal, easily understood, and simple to implement.  We create Hearing Friendly business spaces, eliminating communication barriers.

Our approach is consumer-centered, focusing on the listener who wants clear, effective, easy communication with your business. We assess how you interact with your clients and staff, and customize solutions that fit your unique needs.

Let's connect, and chat about how your business's messaging can be heard -- by everyone.


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Success Story: New Hearing Friendly Space - Quaker Church

A Toronto Quaker community member needed help to hear during worship service. Uniquely designed with their preferences in mind, POW created an assistive listening sound system with theater-style microphones, and FM wireless transmission, that allows everyone to enjoy the service. In the words of Erica, aged 85, "worth every penny!"