Live Events

You have audience members with diverse listening abilities.

You want a cost effective, universal, user-friendly way to get your message across to everyone.

You need live, large-screen captioning - preferred by 90% of persons who have hearing loss and audio accessibility requirements. Captioning also creates a record which can be used post-event, for video SEO, translating captioning into other languages, note taking, or to view by persons unable to attend the live event.

We also rent WiFi Audio Streaming, FM wireless listening systems, and All-In-1 wireless headsets for persons who can follow along with the audio, and who need a little extra help to hear.

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Success Story: Centre For Social Innovation - Toronto

With large screen live captioning, and WiFi Audio Streaming, POW created Hearing Friendly events at CSIs' Honest Eds An Honest Farewell, and CSI Regent Parks's Islamophobia events. In the words of Adil Dala, Executive Director of CSI Toronto, “We’ve been supported by POW Hearing Solutions....[which] brings significance and people at events.” (02/26/2017)