You have a hearing aid, or cochlear implant, and still need support to hear live events, work meetings, conversations, and audio.
You want flexible, custom assistive listening options for hearing well in real time, that are affordable, and easy to use.
You need POW Hearing Solutions to create a toolbox of listening supports you can take anywhere, anytime.
We also consult on funding for supports from government sources.


Success Story: Christine Can Hear @ Work and Play!

Christine's hearing aid and cochlear implant weren't enough to hear in challenging situations like staff meetings, presentations, and group gatherings. POW created a customized FM system toolkit with a neckloop hearing apparatus, and wireless receiver, allowing sound to travel directly into her cochlear implant and hearing aid. Since using her FM system, Christine can follow everything...from the speeches at her son's wedding, to work meetings, without being as tired afterwards. In the words of Christine, "I LOVE my FM system!"