Event Organizers

Daily Rentals of Transcription Services and Hearing Loop Assistive Listening System

Providing an inclusive environment where everyone can participate fully, with POWs’ Real-Time Access Services. With Projected Text Transcription creating near verbatim captioning of the spoken word, simultaneously projected onto a large screen to allow your whole audience – those who are hard of hearing, people who rely on text-based communication, ESL Learners, and American Sign Language users, the opportunity to follow discussions, presentations, videos, and audience comments.  We can also connect any audio component of your presentation to our (Induction) Hearing Loop assistive listening sound system, to maximize the potential of your message reaching those audience members who may have difficulty hearing you.

Transcription Service

Especially beneficial for audience participants whose first language is not English, projected text Real-Time transcription can accommodate large and small audience needs; ensuring all attendees are able to participate and contribute, in your truly accessible event.

A spell-checked transcript of the proceedings allows for information archiving and follow-up; for accuracy, reference, or minutes creation afterwards.

Hearing Loop Assistive Listening System

Add an Induction Hearing Loop to connect your PA system, or wireless microphone(s), and send sound wirelessly to your audience members’ hearing aids or cochlear implants.  We also provide Hearing Loop listeners, for persons who do not have telecoil-compatible hearing aids or personal amplification devices.  With a hearing loop, people can receive customized, clear sound, and often report hearing better than persons who do not have a hearing loss!

Please see our Access Services for more information on the rental of Projected Text Transcription Services, Hearing Loop sound systems, and wireless microphones.

Best Practices in Audio Accessibility for Events include:

  • Include the following statement in all of you event announcements: “The ____________ (business name) is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. Please contact us if you have any particular accessibility requirements” (include contact telephone number, TTY/TTD or cell/text number, and email address)
  • Advertise your event – and your desire to make it accessible – well in advance, to arrange for access
  • Allow enough time to deal with most eventualities; such as: having the person with access needs contact you with their requirements; securing an ASL/English (sign language) interpreter or captioning transcriber(s); or captioning of video materials – which may require up to three (3) weeks advance notice.
  • Train the event access person/contact, on next steps to finding a service vendor, and access implementation
  • Create and maintain a detailed preferred vendors list of caption transcriber(s) and ASL practitioners.
  • Enter into Vendor of Record agreements for various goods and services with a company providing Transcription, Interpretation and American Sign Language (ASL) for events and meetings.
  • Familiarize the access implementation person with vendor / service provider payment policies & timelines
  • Have event presenters provide materials in advance, conversion-ready for creating acccessible formats.
  • Book rooms and locations which allow for use of large screens for displaying captioning, and a small table for a transcriber to sit at with a laptop computer, to produce captions of audio events.

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