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Welcome to POW Hearing Solutions – where Making Life Hearing Friendly is easy!

Finding your way through the maze of information about hearing loop systems and how they can work for your particular needs can be a daunting task.  That’s why we’ve organized our solutions according to your use; be that individual, or business related.

User Group And Product Page Explanation

On the left-hand side of this page, we’ve recommended different system configurations based on how each User Group will adapt to, operate, and benefit from a particular type of loop system.   This is our way of creating the right system for different listening environments, taking into account operator ease of use – and, for commercial applications – business staffing. We hope that by taking the guess work out of ‘what goes where’,  you will be ready to go that much sooner.

Please Note: While our primary focus is with hearing loop systems, we can customize any type of assistive listening system, and we quite often use a combination of both hearing loop, FM, and Bluetooth systems to deliver even more flexibility and ease of use for system users, operators, and owners. We also offer sound delivery systems which can be used in non-traditional ways; such as allowing people who have low voice projection to speak privately to their support staff, by sending their voice wirelessly to the listener. Sometimes it’s about more than needing to hear – sometimes it’s also about needing to be heard!

As you will see, our solutions are as unique as our clients are! We welcome your questions on how we can make our products work best for you.

Product Ordering – Your ‘To Do’

We start the product order process by asking our customers to complete a Loop System Questionnaire.  This helps us to picture your needs, and to get the conversation started.  If you live in Toronto Ontario or the GTA area, we recommend an in-person visit to our downtown office at the Centre for Social Innovation – Annex to try out our different styles of hearing loop systems, and speak with our Assistive Listening Specialist.

What’s Next?

Once we’ve connected – either by email or the Loop System Questionnaire, we book a time for you to stop by our showroom – or, if you’re in Toronto, Ontario, we can come visit you. At our face-to-face meeting, we will ask about:

  • The people who will use the assistive listening system – their number, ages, and preferences for listening
  • How the assistive listening system will be used – e.g.: for worship service, public events, business meetings, or at home
  • What you want to accomplish by using an assistive listening system – helping one person, creating inclusion, satisfying the Accessability for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), or all three reasons!
  • Your home or business’s existing sound system
  • The location for an assistive listening system, and the room’s building materials, lighting, and energy sources
  • Your budget, project scope, and system configuration and installation time lines
  • Possible funding options, such as the Canadian Federal governments’ New Horizons For Seniors Program, with deadlines in early July of each year offered; or the Enabling Accessibility in the Workplace or Community Fund, with deadlines in early April of each year offered
  • When would be the best time to come to your venue to do a loop system check, to test the appropriateness of a hearing loop system

Not sure you want to commit to a permanent hearing loop system?

We also offer daily and weekly hearing loop system rentals for you to ‘test drive’. Please see our Product listings area for more information on this, as well as our real-time, speech-to-text transcription services.

Want more general information on strategies to help people hear better – either for yourself, or others?

Check out this excellent video to learn more:

At POW, we’ve lived the experience of being hard of hearing, and trying to navigate hearing clearly in our homes, workplaces, and community.  We understand that, while one size does not fit all, there are some amazing devices which can support inclusion and participation, and bring people from diverse backgrounds together – whatever their listening capabilities – to participate in what the world has to offer; like meaningful work, inclusive social gatherings, understanding of vital safety information, and benefiting from enriching relationships.

We’ve investigated and used three primary assistive listening systems – FMs, InfraRed, and Hearing Loop – and have found Hearing Loop systems to be THE BEST solution to support clearly hearing the spoken word.  While Hearing Loops are available for individual use, and can make a HUGE benefit for personal enjoyment of sound, the impact of Hearing Loops as a superior engagement tool in the workplace, for health-related education, and as a community participation enabler cannot be overstated.  Why?  Because Hearing Loop systems offer:

      • Universal hearing access that is discrete, dignified, and customized to the end-user’s needs
      • Compliance to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act for Ontario business
      • Accommodation for 1 – 100 hard of hearing people at the same time
      • Cost-effective, low maintenance listening system purchase and operation
      • Minimal need for receiver headsets, relative to FM and InfraRed listening systems
      • A means to increase your market reach to a large (and growing) customer base
      • Have many other excellent reasons why they are amazing, as discussed here

Additional benefits of hearing loops for the person listening with them include:

      •  The elimination of background noise
      •  Zero battery drain on hearing aid or cochlear implant batteries
      •  No need to search out receiver headsets, return them, or be conspicuous to others