Hearing Loop Rentals

POW Hearing Solutions provides a Hearing Loop Assistive Listening Sound System to transmit sound directly to peoples’ hearing aids and cochlear implants. For those who do not have cochlear implants, or telecoil enabled hearing aids, we also provide assistive listening headsets.

Our Hearing Loop System Rental includes:

  • Suggest wording for advance notice to event participants of which assistive listening system is in place
  • Event pre-check of current sound system, any wireless microphone needs, and cabling required
  • Signage throughout venue of how to use the loop system, and availability of receiver headsets
  • Pre-event hearing loop installation – requires a minimum 3 hours in advance – to lay the loop perimeter, connect, and test the sound system
  • Customer feed-back forms to assess satisfaction of Access Services – upon request
  • Post-event dismantling of Hearing Loop – 30 – 45 minutes / or Staff training to dismantle system (if event ends after our business hours)
  • Staff training/orientation on loop system operation, and best practices for sound system microphone inputting
  • On-site monitoring during event included – 1 hour minimum

Hearing Loops

  • Connect wirelessly to personal hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Turn my hearing device into a direct receiver of the PA sound
  • Accommodate 1 – 100+ people at the same time
  • Reduce purchase, maintenance, sanitation, and admin costs for individual hearing-assist receivers
  • Exceed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Information and Communication Standard
  • Increase your market reach to a large and growing customer base
  • Are preferred by 90% of people who have hearing loss 

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