Why are there no prices for installed hearing assist systems?

On the following Assistive Listening System Installations pages there are no actual costs listed. This is because we recommended different system configurations based on how each individual or business will adapt to, operate, and benefit from a particular type of Hearing Loop system. This is our way of creating the right system for different listening environments, taking into account operator ease of use – and, for commercial applications – business staffing.


Every system is unique, complete, and ready to meet all of your unique needs.


We understand that our customers control the actual end price of our Hearing Assisting systems, and that some system components may be adjusted to individual need. This is why there are no actual prices listed with our installed Hearing Assist systems.

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User Group Audiologists & Hearing Aid Dispensers, Doctors' Offices, Event Organizers, Hotels, Individual Users, Political Candidates, Politician Constituency Offices, Public Venues, Seniors' Facilities, Universal Designers & Builders, Workplaces