FM Listening System Kit

Daily Rental – Wireless FM Assistive Listening System

$200.00 + HST

Please Note: A refundable Security deposit of $500 must be given at time of order.

User Group Event Organizers, Hotels, Individual Users, Political Candidates, Public Venues, Workplaces

Product Description

Based on a daily rental, with 2 hours minimum; and a minimum booking notice of 5 days
Options include:
Headset microphone or lapel microphone
Cables for connecting to soundboard/mixer (i.e.: XLR, 3.5mm, etc.)
One body-worn receiver and headset (headset can be amplified neckloop, stetho-style, mono, or stereo)
Rechargeable batteries

Additional Receivers (up to 3 in total) available upon request. Add $25/ receiver.
Additional Rental time – each additional day add 50% of 1 day rental cost.
Payment at time of order. Subject to refundable deposit.


Signal transmission range Up to 150', or 45m