Meeting rooms
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Portable, Meeting Loop System

Charge it, and go anywhere! Up to 6 hours per charge. Three microphone settings – internal (environmental), external (corded), or both. Suitable sitting on a meeting table. Excellent in combination with Conference microphone(s).

User Group Audiologists & Hearing Aid Dispensers, Workplaces

Product Description

Compact, portable, and connectable!
Signal travels up to 16 sq.ft. (1.5 sq.m)
Flexible sound INPUT options include:
1. A built-in microphone to amplify all sounds
2. An external microphone input, dedicated to one or more sound sources
3. Using both the internal and external microphone inputs

Sound signal OUTPUT (listening) options include:
1. Receiving the sound signal directly to the listeners’ telecoil-equipped hearing aid or cochlear implant
2. Directly connecting headphones to the amplifier output jack
3. A Loop Listener Receiver Headset

Although fully-operable with only the amplifier, using the built-in microphone, and sending the sound signal to telecoil-equipped hearing aids and/or cochlear implants, it is advisable that one Loop Listener Receiver Headset be included, to check the systems’ operation, as well as one heavy-base stationary microphone be used to provide dedicated sound, thus eliminating background noise.
Basic System, with Loop Listener Headset includes:

  • Humantechnik LA-90 Portable Loop Amplifier
  • Loop Listener Receiver Headset
  • Two (2) batteries; one alkaline, and one rechargeable
  • Battery recharger, and Carry Case
  • One (1)3.5mm Stereo to 3.5mm Mono adapter for Headset
  • Gooseneck Microphone on heavy base
  • Sign – “Hearing Loop Installed”
  • Sign – “If you can’t hear what’s being said, please request a headset”
  • Installation instructions
  • Training guide / job aid
    Available Microphones

  • Conference microphone, 3.5mm jack plug, 3’(66cm) cord (recommend 1 mic per every 3 sitting speakers). Requires 3.5mm Stereo to 3.5mm Mono adapter.
  • Samson Airline Wireless Microphone system, with lapel mic – if speaker is not near the loop system unit
  • Samson headset microphone (lapel mic replacement)– brings speakers’ voice closer
    Recommended additions:

  • Y-split cable extension for two sound sources (e.g.: video and/or two speakers)
  • 3.5 mm Male to Male mono 2 conductor, 1.5 ft. (46cm) – to connect second sound source to amplifier
  • System installation


Approvals CE, RoHS, WEEE
Auto Power Off 2 minutes timeout if no audio from internal or external mic while using battery only.
Battery 12VDC, 1300 mA/h NiMH (10 AA cell pack).
Battery Life 6hrs with full 4 hr recharge time
Controls Power on and off Rotary microphone gain for external mic. Three position Microphone selector switch, internal, external, or internal plus external microphone.
Indicators Red LED flashing indicates charging battery. Green LED indicates system operating. Amber LED indicates audio input is being received.
Input 3.5 mm mono jack for external microphone.
Loop Output Power Max 10W, internal loop coil.
Microphone Sensitivity 60 dB for full output (internal microphone)
Output 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack
Power Supply Universal 100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz input, 16VDC, 1A output, center positive.
Range 3-4 ft (1.2 meter)
Size 7.9"H x 7.3"W x 2.9"D (200 mm x 185 mm x 75 mm)
Warrantee 2 years parts and labour; 90 days most accessories.
Weight 1.4 lb (635 g) with batteries.
Auto Shut off On Battery power