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Personal Travel Loop System

Planning to travel in a vehicle, visit with friends, or stay at a hotel? This kit keeps you connected to conversations, music, or TV.


Good-bye background noise, hello clear sound! In just 4 easy steps, you’re good to go!


• Connect loop pad to the amp
• Connect the sound source to the mic
• Position the pad
• Plug in the power source

User Group Individual Users

Product Description


  • Univox DLS-50 Amplifier
  • Univox DLS-50 Loop Pad, with 30’ (10m) cord, and 400x400x5mm pad
  • Car adapter
  • 39” (1m) corded, electret microphone, 3.5mm, mono jack
  • 3.5 mm Male to Male mono 2 conductor, 1.5 ft. (46cm) – to connect portable sound source (e.g.: MP3 Player) to amplifier
  • Installation instructions



Power Supplies Amplifier external power supply 18VA, or 0.75 amps. For use in homes or cars (with inverter).
Amp Indicators 3 Blue LEDs - mains, loop current, and input signal level
Amp Dimensions 150x92x25mm (LxWxH)
Amp Weight 395g including (home) power supply.
Amp Inputs Mic: 2-170mV/5k (phantom voltage) Connection: 3.5mm jack Mic/line & line input: 10mV-4.3V/5k (phantom voltage in Mic/line); 3.5mm jack
Amp Dual Action AGC Auto Gain Control Dynamic range: >70dB Attack time: 2-500 ms Release time: 0.5-20dB/s
Amp Base Control 0-+12dB, potentionmeter at front panel
Amp Treble Control 0-+9dB, potentiometer at front panel
Amp Volume Control Graded 0-9, thumb wheel at front panel
Amp Headphone Output Switches automatically to voltage feedback for correct frequency response when using headphones. Connection: 3.5 mm jack
Amp Loop Outputs 2 pin DIN for loop pad, plus spring clip terminal for antenna wire