best HLRIII Induction Loop Receiver Headset picture
3.5mm Stereo to 3.5mm Mono Adapter

Loop Receiver / System Tester (Neckworn)

Loop receiver tuned to pick up any induction loop signal that meets IEC 60118-4 standard. For people who have hearing loss, who do not have telecoils in their hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Excellent Loop System Tester, with LED Loop signal strength check features.

User Group Audiologists & Hearing Aid Dispensers, Doctors' Offices, Hotels, Politician Constituency Offices, Public Venues, Seniors' Facilities

Product Description

The receiver must be positioned vertically and upright when using/testing.

The receiver’s two LEDs provide a visual confirmation of the loop signal.
No LEDs = loop signal strength too weak
Green LED = acceptable loop signal strength
Green LED w/Red flash = good loop signal strength
Both LEDs on continuously = loop signal strength too high

Features include:
• Noise Filter switch to reduce hum from electronic noise, and mitigate interference
• Powered by 9V Alkaline battery (included) for 50+ hour life
• Convenient build-in neck cord
• Lightweight stereo headphones included
• 3.5 stereo to mono adapter included
• Available (optional) rechargeable battery and recharging kit


Size 7/8"D x 4"H x 2 1/2" W (2.2cm D x 10cm H x 6cm W)
Weight 5 oz (142g)
Warrantee Loop receiver 3 years; headphones 90 days. Warranty will be voided for equipment that has been abused, altered or operated in a manner contrary to directions contained in the User Manual.
Output Maximum 110 dBA SPL output
Battery 9V for 50+ hour life
Indicators LED battery condition. LED confirmation of loop signal strength - Green is acceptable; no LED is too weak of a signal.
Noise Filter Switch Inside battery compartment - reduces 'hum' from interference.
Optional Accessory Battery recharger, and rechargeable batteries.
Built in neckcord Included.
Headphones Included.