FM Listening System Kit

FM Assistive Listening System

User Group Event Organizers, Hotels, Individual Users, Politician Constituency Offices, Public Venues, Seniors' Facilities, Universal Designers & Builders, Workplaces

Product Description

This system includes:

  • (1) Wireless FM Transmitter – range up to 150′ / 45.7m
  • (1) Wireless FM Receiver – operates on 72 – 76 Mhz frequency range
  • (2) Sets of AA Rechargeable Batteries – four (4) in total
  • (2) Belt Clips
  • (1) Auxiliary Input Cable – for connecting to sound systems
  • (1) Lapel, clip-on microphone
  • (1) Single Ear ‘headphone’
  • (1) Set of over-the-head headphones
  • (1) Carry case
  • (1) Two-slot Charging Pod

The Williams Sound Personal FM Listening System allows listeners to reduce background noise and amplify what they want to hear. With a range of up to 150 feet, it will work anywhere from conference rooms to auditoriums.

  • Broadcast a speaker’s voice or audio program on one of 17 available channels
  • Complete with a flexible lapel microphone
  • Includes auxiliary input jacks – to connect to any sound source
  • Transmitter can operate in dual channel mode – user can easily switch between two different transmitting channels
  • Transmitter has screen displays with current operating status and menu information
  • Transmitter operates up to 30 hours on two (2) AA Alkaline batteries, and up to 20 hours with two (2) NiMH batteries