Seniors centre hall
Oval window amp_basic lllbest HLRIII Induction Loop Receiver Headset pictureHearing Loop Installed Switch hearing aid to T-coil_hearingloop org picInloop 600 Digital Amplifier

Facility Room Loop System – Covers from 50 to 170 seats

Covers Seating Area up to 50 seats

User Group Event Organizers, Political Candidates, Seniors' Facilities, Universal Designers & Builders

Product Description


  • Oval Window amplifier analogue or InLoop Digital 1600 amplifier
  • up to 200’ (30m) 20 ga antenna wire
  • (2) Loop Listener Receiver Headsets (2/ every 50 seats), plus 3.5mm Stereo to Mono Headset adapters
  • (2)Loop Listener Chargers, rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, carry cases, cloths, and cleaners
  • Signs – “Hearing Loop System Installed”
  • Sign – “If you can’t hear what’s being said, please request a headset”
  • 3.5 mm Male to Male mono 2 conductor, 1.5 ft. (46cm) – to connect sound source to amplifier
  • Connector cable to existing sound board / PA system – 1/8” (3.5mm) to Female XLR Audio Cable
  • RCAx2 cable
  • 3.5mm Stereo to Mono adapter for RCAx2 cable at amplifier
  • Installation instructions
  • Training guide / job aid

Recommended (If connecting hearing loop to a TV):

  • Digital to Analog Converter if newer model TV – includes TOSLink cable (insert into square, black trap door)
  • Coax cable if no TOSLink input – use if TV has a single orange RCA jack
  • 39” (1m) corded, electret microphone, 3.5mm mono jack with Velcro fastener – if TV has no independent Audio output setting
  • Lip-Sync Corrector if there is a noticeable delay in audio between person speaking on TV, and hearing their words (check TV operating manual for a built-in delay for the signal at the Audio output jacks)
    Recommended additions if connecting amplifier to corded microphones:
  • Y-split cable extension for conference microphone to loop amplifier – if using 2 mics; if greater than 3 speakers at one table
  • 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm mono adapter – at amplifier
    • Recommended Microphone Systems:
  • Samson Airline Wireless Microphone system, with lapel mic – if no existing microphones, or only ‘Dynamic’ type mics
  • Samson headset microphone (replaces lapel mic) – brings speakers’ voice closer
  • Conference microphone, 3.5mm jack plug, 3’ cord (1 mic per every 3 sitting speakers)
  • Extra antenna wire – up to 200’ (61m), if wire placed at ceiling having dimmer switches, pot lights, or metal

  • System installation: 20% Installation Discount for Seniors
  • Specs

    Power Supply 12-15V DC
    Warrantee 3-year warranty on parts and labour
    Controls Front ON/OFF LIGHT: continuous green light when power is on; flashing indicates overload
    Controls Rear MIC 1 & MIC 2: accept corded Microloop clip-on and wireless microphone systems
    Line Inputs Connect to the LINE OUT of external equipment (e.g. radio, TV)
    Loop Connections Accept each end of the supplied loop wire or loop pad