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Analogue Home Loop System, TV viewing

Features outstanding sound quality you can hear directly to your hearing aid, cochlear implant, headphones, or our loop system receiver (sold separately). Your hearing aid or cochlear implant must be switched to the 'T' or 'MT' position to use the loop system (see here). Automatic Gain Control ensures stable sound signal with no volume fluctuations.

User Group Doctors' Offices, Hotels, Individual Users, Seniors' Facilities

Product Description


  • Sarabec Hearing Loop Amplifier – covers up to 540 sq feet (50 sq. m)
  • 120’ (37m) 18 ga antenna wire OR Loop pad – various sizes, depending on area covered (e.g.: chair or couch)
  • RCAx2 cable, 3’ (0.9m)
  • 50 clips
  • Amplifier stand
  • Installation instructions


Recommended additions:

  • Digital to Analog Converter if newer model TV – includes TOSLink cable (insert into square, black trap door)
  • Coax cable if no TOSLink input – use if TV has a single orange RCA jack
  • External, corded, 39” (1m) electret microphone with Velcro fastener – if TV has no independent Audio output setting
  • Lip-Sync Corrector if is a noticeable delay in audio between person on TV speaking, and you hearing the words (check TV operating manual for a built-in delay for the signal at the Audio output jacks)
  • 3.5 mm Male to Male mono 2 conductor, 1.5 ft. (46cm) – to connect sound source to amplifier
  • Telephone adapter for land-line phone
  • System installation

    Note: TV use is only one of the ways to hear with the loop system. You can add any music, or conversations into the system.


    Approvals CE, RoHs
    Dimensions 7' x 1.6' x 5.5' (180 x 42 x 140 mm) (HxWxD)
    Amp Weight 2 lbs. (905 g)
    Colour Silver
    Power Supply 95-265 VAC 50-60 Hz
    Loop Output 2.85 amps
    Controls Rotary VOLUME control to vary the output level Rotary TONE control to vary the output tone ON/OFF power push button switch AGC, PRIORITY, MIC and LINE functions
    Input Connections 2x microphone inputs A/B. 3.5 mm mono jack DC powered for electret microphones 2x Aux In Left/Right line inputs, Phono/RCA sockets. For direct connection to a TV sound output or other audio source via Lip-Sync Corrector or other suitable socket
    Output Connections Push grip connectors for loop cabled or loop pad (Labelled: Loop Cable). Loop will give full output with loop resistance between 0.5 and 1.5 Ohms
    Indicators Blue LED for Power On indication and function buttons. Red LED for Loop Level indication
    Warrantee 2 years
    Standard Equipment 120′ (37m) of antenna wire; 3’ (0.9m) RCA TV patch cord; 50 antenna wire fastening clips