Hearing Loop Testimonials


Hearing Loop User Testimonials:

A year ago, I suffered a sudden, severe, and irreversible hearing loss. I am now entirely deaf in one ear and have only 30% of my hearing left in the remaining ear…Until I attended the performance of Wicked at The Kennedy Center Opera House on June 17, which included a temporary hearing loop installation, I was quite certain I would never be able to enjoy live music again. However, the sound from the loop system was so good that I feel compelled to ask you to seriously consider installing permanent hearing loops in your theaters.” Read More

I had a personal loop system hooked up in my living room this week. My husband set the loop under “my” chair and attached it to the television. At first I was skeptical, because I have relied on closed captioning for a number of years now. I was amazed at what I could hear!” Read More

My first hearing loop experience was at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) convention in Rhode Island last year. At my first workshop, one of the coordinators announced that each workshop was looped so be sure to turn on our T-coils. Excited to try this technology I’ve only heard about, I turned mine on. It took less than five minutes to be totally amazed.” Read More

See Chris, describing her “aha” moment with using a hearing loop

Hands-up! How many of you are using the hearing loop system right now?

Dr. Juliette Sterkens, Audiologist and Outstanding Hearing Loop Advocate – Presentation