What We Do

We are your partner in providing inclusive, cost-effective solutions to help people who have hearing loss hear better – at home, at work, and in our community.

POW can help you understand what you need, and how to put it in place. We will work with you to create complete and customized residential or commercial hearing assist systems for:

• Hearing your home’s sound system, TV, and more
• Enjoying music or conversation in your vehicle
• Large or small – public or private events – at our location, or yours
• Front desk reception counters, office waiting rooms, and business environments
• Group meetings – at your location, or ours
• Anywhere you need to hear, or to be heard by others

We have two types of ‘Hearing Access Services’ – either Projected Text Transcription, or Hearing Loop assistive listening systems. Both ensure Real-Time access for people who have hearing loss.
Our Projected Text Transcription is especially helpful for ESL learners, and those needing the reinforcement of text along with the spoken word.

Additionally, we can bring clear sound to those who need it most – with our unique and effective Audio Frequency Induction Loop Hearing Assist sound delivery system (also known as a Hearing Loop). Our cost-effective Hearing Loop systems can be stand-alone, portable, or permanent; depending on your unique needs. Hearing loop systems work with:

• Your home or businesses’ EXISTING sound system; or as stand-alones
• 80% of Behind-the-ear and In-the-ear hearing aid models
• 100% of cochlear implant devices, and
• ALL induction loop receiver headsets

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) of 2005 includes provisions for Information and Communications Standards which apply to your co-workers, employees, and customers who have hearing loss. POW Hearing Solutions provides strategies to meet your obligations under this statute, and the needs of people who have hearing loss. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, support, and counsel you need in order to fulfill the spirit and intent of the AODA.

We look forward to Making Life Hearing Friendly, and welcome you to partner with us in creating inclusive and engaging opportunities for everyone.

At POW, we aim to achieve success by exceeding the needs of our customers.

We believe that when you get communication right, the future is better for everyone.  We support clear communication through our five access products; including:

• Mobile Hearing Access Services
• Hosted, Totally Accessible Hosted Access Services
• Hearing Loop Sound Delivery Systems
• Hearing Loss Awareness Training
• AODA Compliance Consulting

We also believe in creating better futures for our team, and have set a goal for a sixth access initiative which will launch mid-2015.

Supporting our core value of respecting the lived-experience of people who have hearing loss, POW will hire people who live daily with hearing loss, and successfully navigate hearing challenges.  We WILL make positive change to the dismal statistic of 75% unemployment for Ontarians who have disabilities.  In pursuit of this goal, POW will partner with Provincial and Federal government programs for Youth Employment, Toronto Ontario Colleges and University Persons with Disabilities Offices, and Ontario Disability Support Program clientele, to provide access to employment for their clients who have hearing loss.

Our new hire(s) will become our Access Ambassador(s); sharing with small business operators – who make up 95% of Canadian businesses – the tools and strategies to create accessible customer service, inclusive workplaces, and accessible venues. We look forward to meeting everyone, and assisting you to Make Life Hearing Friendly everywhere!

At POW, we don’t just provide hearing access, we improve lives.

We thank you for your support in making a difference!