Partnership Opportunities

Partner with POW, and Make Life Hearing Friendly for your clients who:

  • Are communicating with you and use hearing aids, and/or cochlear implants
  • Require hearing access outside of school and work in their communities
  • Attend your live events

1.  Audiologists & Hearing Aid Dispensers, make your office Hearing Friendly. Demonstrate hearing loops to your customers, increase their satisfaction with their current listening device, and add value to your existing customer relationship. Read how Using hearing devices with loop systems dramatically increases customer satisfaction

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2. Academic Computer Note takers, help provide for hearing access at workplaces and community events. Share the transcription you create by projecting it onto a large screen, providing access for more people in situations outside the classroom. Our Projected Text Transcription services support persons who have hearing, AND ESL, attention, and audio processing access needs as well.

Our work environment supports you too! We adhere to worker-centered guidelines that respect your professionalism, and your health and safety. Join our transcription team, and grow the exciting new field of Projected Text services – a significant, inclusive ‘up-grade’ from a ‘Computer Note taker’ job description!

Learn more about our Projected Text Transcription Service here.

3. Event organizers, make your live event Hearing Friendly. Provide accessibility for hearing access, to compliment your commitment to physical accessibility.

Check out how POW can help.

Trust POW to:

  • Increase the value you offer your customers
  • Provide real-time hearing access for your clients
  • Make partnering with us easy, effective, and rewarding

Together, let’s Make Life Hearing Friendly