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Laura Sept 2013

Laura L. Mather, BA, CHRP, is Director and Owner of People of Worth (POW) Hearing Solutions. She created POW in late 2013 to help business to implement hearing access for their customers and employees. By directly engaging business in conversations about hearing access, POW pioneers transparent, open, and accessible communication between those who need to hear, and those who need to be heard.

Creating a conversation about hearing access, shining a a light on what and how hearing access can increase (business) market and (individual) opportunity, creates visibility – which is the opposite of how people who have hearing loss are currently seen and treated. Making Life Hearing Friendly is about increasing visibility and participation of and for people who have hearing loss, by creating real-time access to goods and services, community participation, safe medical care/information, and participation in the political electoral process, and the labour market.

After becoming profoundly hard of hearing, and before founding POW, Ms. Mather was a Psychology major at York University from 1993 to 1996, raised two children and provided senior caregiving, created a women-centred home renovation company, and undertook Post-Graduate studies in Human Resources Management at Centennial College in 2009; where her special (education-related) interests included funding access, hiring transcribers, advocating for accessible classes, materials, and exams, self-transcribing all first-year university lectures from tape to notes, and graduating With Merit at York U., and with Highest Honors at Centennial college. Her experiences informed her journey of joining the ranks of the 75% of persons who have a disability, who are unemployed.

POW – People Of Worth – was born from the realization that instead of waiting for business to provide accessible services and employment, POW would be the change it wanted to see in the world; taking our message of hearing access directly to business, introducing ourselves, helping business understand who POW are, and engaging with business to Make Life Hearing Friendly, and inclusive for everyone.

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