Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to make accessibility for persons who have hearing loss universal, easily understood, and simple to implement.  We ‘re here to Make Life Hearing Friendly, creating a future where communication is no barrier. At POW, we connect people who want to hear, as well as people and businesses who need to be heard – by everyone.

Our approach is consumer-centred, focusing on the Person Of Worth (POW) who has hearing loss. We validate the lived experiences of persons who live, strategize, and thrive, working within an audio-restricted environment.

We will work with everyone – businesses and individuals – to assess your needs, design the best solutions, make a difference, and leave a positive impression in all your dealings with us.

Our culture is defined by the following core values:

SAFETY – We minimize risk though ongoing, mutually-respectful communication, careful consideration of your environment and audio equipment, due diligence of Canadian safety standards, and accountable, responsible customer service.

REAL-TIME INCLUSION Everyone is entitled to receive information at the same time, to be given the choice and opportunity to engage fully and meaningfully.

RESPECT We value and respect the lived experiences of people who have hearing loss. As a consumer-led business, POW relates daily with the challenges and strategies we propose and deliver to our customers. In addition to supporting, listening, and enabling our customers to achieve their goals, we place the highest value on working with our customers to promote inclusion; through mutual respect and helping people who have hearing loss, to meet their goals.

AWARENESS – We educate our customers on hearing loss, available hearing-assist solutions, and the rationale behind our best recommendations to suit your needs.  We support our customers at every step of their touch points with us; believing that our sharing of information with you, is your value-added right.

PASSION – We are driven to do our best for you every day to Make Life Hearing Friendly; with greater opportunities for engagement and equal participation in all facets of daily living, for people who have hearing loss.

Our core values govern all aspects of our business.  They direct how we work with our team, our partners, our suppliers, and customers.